[aprssig] APRS SPEC Addendum 1.2 Proposals

Curt Mills curt.we7u at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 17:27:41 EDT 2016

Regarding this web page:

It says this in the top section:

"Formats no longer recommended: Compressed-Objects, ITEM Format, Raw
Weather Formats,"

I'd like to put in my thumbs-up for both Compressed Objects, and both
Compressed and Non-compressed Items.

We've implemented these in Xastir and I find them of use in SAR. Compressed
format gives much better precision in placing and/or recovering objects,
precision you cannot get with non-compressed APRS formats. Items are useful
for placing positions when you have no timestamp, as well as providing a
shorter packet than APRS Object format.

In short, I see no advantage to removing formats that are currently used to
good effect and already implemented in APRS programs.

Curt, WE7U
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