[aprssig] 9600 Baud Packet Network?

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Let's get away from 1200

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>> 19k2 is there – the modules are $40
> Or an Xbee pro 900HP that can do 200k at 4 miles or 10k at 9 miles with a dipole.  It'll do 40+ miles with a gain antenna.  $40 plus antenna.  Only 250mW but pretty effective.
> They also have mesh network models that could be good for building temporary networks for events (races, etc) where 144.390 coverage is inadequate, although I haven't looked at the mesh networking myself.
> I'm testing a tracker on the bench right now that speaks APRS over Xbee.  I expect it to last 3 to 5 days beaconing every 3s on a single CR123A.  The old version that just transmitted 2 NMEA sentences at 1Hz lasted > 24 hours.
> Still have some things to figure out with the xbee addressing to work out multiple receivers, and to see how many trackers I can timeslot onto a single channel.
> The beagle bone black to digipeat this onto 2m so I can keep using my Kenwood ARPS rigs is nearly done, too.
> -Jason
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