[aprssig] 9600 Baud Packet Network?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 12 03:57:53 EDT 2016

We are not using our 9600 Baud Radios well!

What kind of external processor could we plug into the back of a 9600 baud
APRS radio with built-in TNC to make it function as a NETROM node?

What could we do with it?  All I remember about NETROMS were something like
1) You could connect to any node and see what it could connect to.
2) Then you could connect to anyone in the net
3) Such as their PBBS
4) where you could see their message list
5) And then read any of their messages.

6) Could a message be a FILE???
7) And a file could be a small picture?

8) And JPG cameras now cost peanuts
9) THey could plug into the same extrnal processor!
10) Now I can see what you are seeing!

We have so many young people on here that love to build twidgets.  WOuldnt
this be fun?

We have the radios, we have the sites, but we are not using our 9600 baud
capabilties at all.

I'm thinking it does need to be seamless with the existing NETROM, THENET,
KA node archetecture for the long haul links so we can use a lot of our
existing stuff.


as that you could CONNECT a nodeith anyone in the nework,
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