[aprssig] IGATE message routing bug?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 15 10:27:04 EDT 2016

In preparation for the Golden Packet event, a few of us noticed that we
were not getting ANY messages into or out of the ANSRVR or CQSRVR.

Turns out, the local IGates or APRS-IS were not recognizing our stations
(as being local) until/unless the message station first sent a position

Please  confirm that this is not a huge bug in APRS-IS behavior that does
not recognize an APRS station (in the IGate/APRS-IS system) unless and ONLY
IF it sends a valid position report.  This is not how APRS messaging is
supposed to work.  There should not be any dependence on a position report
for 2-way messageing to work.

Is it the failure of some local IGates or is it some kind of filtering
issue in the APRS-IS.

Where do we fix this?



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*Subject:* [at-golden-packet] ANSRVR Acks and Replies

I was not receiving acks or replies from ANSRVR to WJ3K-5, even though I
saw them on aprs.fi.  It was re-sending ANSRVR messages five times - not
good.  No replies were coming back to and through my WJ3K-10 IGate running

I checked the list of registered stations on the IGate, and WJ3K-5 was not
there.  As soon as I sent a position packet from WJ3K-5, it was registered,
and the IGate WJ3K-10 began to return replies and acks.

Lesson learned:  To receive messages, replies and acks from ANSRVR (or any
other station through APRSIS), first transmit a position packet over the
same digipath.  As long as it hits an IGate, you should be good to go.

Comments or questions?

- Gordon Davids / WJ3K
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