[aprssig] Emergency Power for Ham stuff

Fred Hillhouse Jr fmhillhouse at comcast.net
Wed Jan 20 09:37:50 EST 2016

My concern isn't about using the laptop power supply, it's about tapping 
the HV DC solar system to run the power supply. 300V DC can be lethal. 
Maybe I had too many years in the electricity supply industry to be able 
to brush aside safety issues.

Ray vk2tv

The number one voltage in the United States that people die from is 115VAC
(household voltage). People are a bit cavalier when around it. Being safe is
very important or you may become another emergency.

Oh, and ladders are close to number one for non-electrical accidents. Be
careful when using ladders. I say this because ladders may be used to access
solar panels.

Make a mistake and the voltage and/or ladder will get you!

Best regards,
Fred N7FMH

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