[aprssig] is there a complete APRS primer out there?

Bob Harris knineudx at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 09:18:15 EST 2016


I wish you godspeed on your proposed project. Such a document is sorely 
needed and long overdue.  Even trying to follow Dr. Bruninga's 
recommended practices on his website can be challenging.
You might want to start by compiling a library of user's manuals for the 
various hardware and software currently available and "unify" the 
terminology. There are instances where each person/company has used 
different terms for the same thing and (in a few cases) even conflict 
with which others might use the term.

On 1/5/2016 10:36 PM, Andrew P. via aprssig wrote:
> If no one knows of a good document that I can point them at, I would 
> like to start composing/compiling one, based on the collected 
> (or, more accurately, scattered) wisdom we've accrued over the past 
> 20+ years of APRS operations. In the latter case, suggestions of good 
> partial documents that I can draw upon for wisdom would also be 
> appreciated. I'm looking to end up with a single document (or small 
> set of linked web pages) that isn't product-specific, but applies to 
> all vendors and types of hardware and software, doing special cases by 
> function (tracker vs. digipeater, for example) rather than by specific 
> product instances.


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