[aprssig] WXBOT -- weather forecast via APRS Message

Martin Nile martin.nile at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 16:48:39 EST 2016

WxBot now recognizes CWOP stations.  Results from CWOP are only returned if
you ask for them.

Send CWOP to WXBOT, and it will return the current observations from the
nearest CWOP station.

Send "CWOP station id" (i.e. AP677), WxBot returns the current observations
from that station.

Send CALLSIGN CWOP, WxBot returns the results from the CWOP station nearest

The observations are displayed in Imperial units (Degrees F,mph,inch).  In
the future, the program will attempt to determine if metric units are
appropriate based on the sending callsign.

Martin Nile
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