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Thank you Fred for this insight

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I was going to add, I did have a ’77 Bronco at one time with a Larsen2/70 and a K40 CB antenna. The terrain would get rough enough for the antennas to swing around and hit the roof. The roof on the Bronco had two cross members and each antenna was mounted in the center of them. So maybe be concerned about the spare tire mount is over rated. ;)

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Fred N7FMH

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Hi Nagi,

>From previous experience of antenna on moving parts, (e.g., trunk lids, hoods) I would recommend not mounting on the spare tire carrier. I used to use the lip mounts for antennas and found my wife and other family members opening and closing the trunk quickly. Of course you are mounting on a vehicle you may take into the boonies so a study mount and antenna will se more stress from the road than opening and closely the carrier.

One thought I had is to mount on the roll cage and put a hole in the fiberglass. A rubber boot like a CV joint boot could be used as the pass through. I have never picked up a Jeep to test the theory.

Good luck!

One other thought, use a ¼ wave for the in close work and carry a 5/8 or whatever when stopped. A couple of guys in my area have a Land Rover and they have a rack inside for carrying their antennas.

Best regards,
Fred N7FMH

PS. For your researching pleasure:

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I had recently acquired a Jeep and exploring installing my Kenwood d710g in it.  Mstly for APRS and voice repeaters on 2m/70cm

Wanted to see if folks here have any jeep install pictures you might be able to share for ideas.

The bracket I'm zoning in on is at extremeterrain website

While this is meant for CB, I think it can be made to work for 259s


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