[aprssig] What is the process to make changes to APRS symbols document ?

Tom Hayward esarfl at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 19:52:57 EDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 4:33 PM, Tom <tom.w1tg at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Thanks for your thoughts and input.  Let me be clear with regard to what I'm discussing, because this topic maybe misleading if you haven't read my first post.
> I run an IGate, it's connected to a APRS IS Server.  Prior to 1 Sep 2015 as part of the TCPIP feed from the APRS Server connection - DStar Repeaters, Hotspots and Users were part of the default data fed back to my IGate.  If I didn't exclude it via Server-side filter settings it was there.
> On 1 Sep 2015 all that DStar APRS information went dark.  It's no longer part of the default feed from the APRS IS Server network on port 14580.  I've tried this across multiple Tier 1/2 servers with the same result.  All those DStar Repeaters, Hotspots and Users are still there, connected and sending the same info they were before.  But it's no longer fed by default to those stations connected to the Tier 1/2 servers.
> So the facts are that the data is in the APRS network it's just not fed back to those connected to the servers by default as it was before.  I'd have to say that sure appears to me as a Global change and it was unilateral as it's present on all the servers I've tried.
> My conclusion is that the DStar data is steerable in the background by Administrative function.  There is probably some perfectly logical reason for this action to be taken.  That's out of my span of control and in someone else's realm.
> I'd like to continue to receive the data on my IGate.  I've experimented with filter syntax to get some of this data, but it sure would be nice to be able to use a new Server-side filter specifically designed and implemented for this function.
> Admins, Code Writer, please???
> Thanks again for your comments!  All the best!
> Tom - W1TG

As I said before, there is no unilateral control of APRS-IS. There are
various server softwares in use and dozens of server administrators.
There is no single group or leader running all of them. There must be
some other explanation for the behavior you're seeing.

Instead of speaking generally, maybe you could give some examples of
the disappearing data. How about:
1. The name of the object(s) that disappeared.
2. The callsign of the station submitting those objects.
3. Your igate callsign.
4. The server your igate is currently connected to.
5. The other server(s) you tested in the process of identifying the
described problem.

By the way, port 14580 is not a "default feed". It is a "filtered
feed". The filters are additive, so with no filter, you receive no
data (except messages). For an igate, no filter is optimal because you
really only need messages and their associated position reports passed
back to RF. For APRS clients with a human sitting in front of them,
range filters are common, so that the client map shows nearby

For what it's worth, I haven't blocked any Dstar data on my APRS-IS
server, nor have I been requested to by any other server operator. I
did, however, run a software update that could potentially affect the
data you receive.


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