[aprssig] DStar dropped from IS feeds?

Tom tom.w1tg at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 3 07:19:15 EDT 2015

I've been running an IGate along the NH Seacoast for a few years now.  I also dabble in the DStar mode with repeaters and hotspots.

DStar stations appear to have dropped off my IGate maps on 1 Sep. I'm not receiving anything via the IS feeds (tier 1 or 2) that I've tried...

The DStar Gateways are still connected to the IS system, but their info and the users that are feeding them position data are not being fed back to my IGate.

The DStar position information is available via sites like APRS.FI but it's not in the tcpip feed back to the IGate like it was previously.  It was part of the normal traffic and now it's not.

Is there a discussion somewhere as to why this took place? Any insight you can share is appreciated.

I know that I can probably configure a filter to see the local DStar traffic in my area...but what happened to make this sudden change?


Tom - W1TG

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