[aprssig] URGENT - Look for 200' radar blimp & send APRS DF report!

Boyd Prestwood K5YKG k5ykg at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 28 16:27:20 EDT 2015

My previous info per FOX News Channel a little before 3:30pm CDT)
Boyd K5YKG

On 10/28/2015 3:14 PM, Robert Bruninga via aprssig wrote:
> Just minutes ago, it has been reported that the 200’ radar blimp 
> tethered in Northern Maryland has broken loose.
> It does NOT have APRS on it, but we need people in MD and PA to look 
> up in the sky for it and user your APRS to send DF bearing lines so we 
> can track it.
> http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/aerostat-blimp-owned-army-untethered-article-1.2414819
> I have not had time to VERIFY this, but am throwing it out there anyway.
> This is what APRS is desiged to do.  Just enter y our bearing line in 
> a DF packet and we can all see the plot on APRS.
> Bob, WB4APR
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