[aprssig] Balloon overe Syracuse, NY - ???

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 25 13:47:18 EDT 2015

END of drill.

We found launch team and they are in contact with FAA.

Theis reminds me to put on a priority list:

1)      Come up with a new Balloon symbol to differentiate BIG balloons
from small ones

2)      Come up with similar BIG and SMALL drone symbls…

Bob (out the door rightr now though)

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*Subject:* Balloon overe Syracuse, NY - ???


FAA operations center has called me and wants immediate info on a balloon
over Syracuse.

Call is KD2HEQ-11

Donno how they got my number… I’m not involved.

If you have info on this balloon, EMAIL me asap and I will put you in
contact with them.

Im only here till 1340 EDT.

I do not know that they have any specific concerns (They might think it is
a BIG balloon that has not filed any NOTICE)

But I said it is probably a Ham balloon with mass less than the minimum 2
LBs which is  not required to file a NOTICE.

They are apparently watching it on APRS.FI because that is where  they are
seeing it.

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