[aprssig] UIconfig and other DOS/16 bit programs etc.

Dave Baxter g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 17 08:23:52 EDT 2015

"UIconfig doesn't work because it's a 16-bit DOS application dating from
the Win 3.x era.  Win 95 through XP continued to support 16-bit code along
with their native 32-bit code."

Try "DosBox"?
Google for it.  Versions for Windows or Linux.  There are "hoops" to jump
through if you need near realtime access to COM ports etc, but its pretty
good.  Look up "The Megabuild" version, much more flexibility in regards to

(Generally works "much" better than the lame XP emulator in some higher end
versions of Windows for old DOS progs.)

Else, install DOS (real MSDOS, or FreeDos) in a real VM such as
"Virtualbox."  Again, versions of that exist to run on Windows and Nix
boxes, plus COM port access can be made to work quite well too.  One
install of Virtualbox can host several "guest" OSs even run them at the
same time, if the host CPU and RAM is good enough.

Heck, if you need, you can run MSDoS and Windows 3x in a VM that way.
You'll be impressed with the speed! :)


Dave G0WBX
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