[aprssig] Radio vs android app

WD8ARZ wd8arz at ix.netcom.com
Sun Nov 22 12:27:18 EST 2015

I do all three.

G5 GPS Navigator providing GPS location data to:
1) TMD-700 dual band two meter / four forty radio. Doesn't count on the 
internet being in range.
2) Laptop using G5 GPS data for an aprs program to broadcast info via 
internet, and for monitoring
APRS activity of my system. Cell phone provides internet and doesnt 
count on relay via RF using ham radio.

Android sourced GPS
3) Android phone running APRS with GPS on and active. Incoming cell 
phone may interrupt feed to laptop,
but auto resumes when call is disconnected.

When mobile from North West Indiana to middle Tennessee, it is not 
unusual for one or two of the three options not to be performing due to 
GPS signal loss, or cell phone tower signal loss. Most of the time one 
or more is functioning.

All Lat / Long info from any source has the last two digits truncated. 
This way the true location is off by a couple miles and helps reduce 
theft while stationary during pit stops etc etc . But it is more than 
good enough for family and friends tracking my trips.

Would suggest being APRS operational via a radio, and a android cell 
phone if you want fairly constant coverage. At times, all those methods 
will still have gaps.

Have considered using HF for APRS feed, but haven't got a round to it yet.

While those systems are active, I operate HF voice and enjoy qso's while 
on the go. Using Kenwoods SkyCommand mode, I also enjoy using my HT to 
operate the HF system in the mobile or at the base. It is KooL to let 
the person on the other end on HF that you are on an HT and walking 
about ;-)

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

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