[aprssig] STPO :: Calling potential early users

Nagi Punyamurthula n0agi at n0agi.com
Sat Nov 14 17:38:07 EST 2015

Hello all
I just released a new version of the STPO Tool, Ver 2.0.22403.  Wanted to drop a note here in this forum if anyone would be interested in using and providing feedback. The download link, videos, pictures, etc can be found at the link below.  I am happy to assist you in getting you up and running w/ this tool, if you're interested in being an early adopter :)

73s, Thanks for your time
N0AGI, Nagi

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Hello all
As you might recall, a couple of months back, I had shared w/ you all my STPO tool that allows us to track and predict satellite pass-thrus.

Earlier tonight, I updated that tool w/ a couple of new features and bug fixes.  I published a couple of new YT videos that speak to the all-new feature, "Automated Relay Switch". This new feature, enables to automatically turn on and off your radio rig based on when the pass-thru starts (AOS) and ends (LOS).  Additionally, the tool also allows for email notifications when AOS/LOS occur w/ summary information such as "satellite name", "elevation", "duration of pass thru" and more (I'm attaching a couple of sample emails that are sent by the tool when AOS and LOS)

The YouTube videos walk thru the simple relay switch circuit I had built for my own ARISS satellite iGate station and works really well for me.

Please let me know any feedback or comments.  My blog has the links: http://www.n0agi.com/stpo-tool/

73, N0AGI-Nagi
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