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Thu Nov 12 17:48:07 EST 2015

Thanks Lynn and Keith.  Keith, your instructions were exactly right to
effect a fix.  It is ironic that in your instructions your spellings were
correct spellings while the manual used abbreviations!  It usually goes the
other way.

Again, thanks.
     Alan,,,   n4lbl

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 3:18 PM, Keith VE7GDH via aprssig <aprssig at tapr.org>

> Alan N4LBL wrote…
> > What are comments and where do they come from?
> It appears that you beaconed the comment in question on Nov 7… that is if
> you actually sent it. The comment you mentioned was actually sent by  on
> (you guessed it) on Nov 7. I have no idea how it got appended to your
> beacon. However, W9CN could be the culprit. He gated your beacon with it
> appended as as the legit one from W9CN-6.
> In the FT1DR, just go into the APRS menu and look for menu 15 Beacon
> Status Text. You could put a single character in to replace the previous
> one that aprs.fi heard, or put in something useful such as your voice
> frequency… e.g.
> 147.320MHz C088 +060
> You can pre-enter up to 5 different ones and choose between them. It would
> be nice if the FT1DR could enter it automatically for you like the
> FTM-400DR can.
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