[aprssig] APRStt and SAR... Revised proposal (a)

Tom Hayward esarfl at gmail.com
Mon May 18 23:50:02 EDT 2015

On May 18, 2015 20:19, "Amir Findling via aprssig" <aprssig at tapr.org> wrote:
> Instead of DMTF and position formats, why not just teach users how to
manually beacon their position?

I believe the value proposition of APRStt is that it can be sent from the
radios everyone already owns.

> Now a friend of mine has connected his Yaesu FT-1DR to his Samsung phone,
using the OEM cable and a USB to microUSB converter. On the phone, he runs
the W2APRS app (not in the Play Store, Google it) and can see any station's
APRS beacon received on a map or even aerial. Maps are downloadable, so it
is even working when off grid. Makes things so much easier, but I have not
yet been able to replicate what he did. May also be done with a Kenwood
D72, I believe

Likewise, we're using AP510s, with and without mobile phones for mapping.
There's some initial expense, but I find grant writing vastly easier than
teaching searchers a new trick with their radios.

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