[aprssig] Car radio APRS display?

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Mon May 18 23:04:27 EDT 2015

You might be waiting a while on the CHIP computer. And the price will be more than $9 since the CHIP has no built-in support for video. The Raspberry Pi model 2B is hard to beat for $35 dollars, is available now, has a lot of support and does have composite video built-in.  Max KG4PID
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How about this:

I too, just bought a new(er) car in which the backup camera option was 
left off but the composite video
port is installed and accessible.

A CHIP computer along with a USB TNC or Bluetooth TNC might fit the 
bill. Or maybe a soundcard "soft" TNC.

At a price tag of $9 USD ...

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