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Tue Mar 24 10:36:20 EDT 2015

APRS tracking so sane people can avoid the thing?

Now there's a safety idea.

Cross-country robotic driver sounds like trouble waiting to happen.

The whole idea of non-human vehicle operation mixed with human
operators on the same roads, plus accidents, construction, debris,
animals, etc. is nuts.

Who, or what, is responsible in an accident?

Owner (not in direct control), programmer (wrote the code),
manufacturer (created the mechanical beast), bureaucrats
(who allowed the foolishness of mixing human & robotic drivers)?

That thing hurts a member of my family and I'll sue every person
and organization listed. (And I'm not a litigious person.)

Why not test those beasts on some of the millions of acres of
human-access-limited Federally-seized lands? Or, let the military
practice evasive maneuvers on a base? Or maybe on the Southern
border with cams attached - patrol while testing?

OTOH the passenger in Teddy Kennedy's car, and those impacted by
accidents caused by Joe Biden's motorcades, may have fared better
with robotic drivers.

Off my soap box ...

> Would be cool if they put an APRS tracker (AP510) in this car...
>  http://www.gizmag.com/delphi-drive/36604/
> Bill, WA7NWP


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