[aprssig] Fossil-fuel-free-Fieldday Fun

Dave Baxter g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 11 16:11:37 EDT 2015

Noise!  And lots of it!

All those inverters and SMPS's, even on 2m that will raise the background
noise level somewhat.

On HF, it could make reception of anything but the strongest broadcast
signals almost impossible.

Of course, with proper filtering, much less of an issue.

As to 300+V snaking over parking lots.  Use the correct double insulated
and shielded power cable cable, NOT "Zip" cord. (And correct connectors.)

It could actually be quite a good system, but only with proper noise
filters, and safety devices etc.  Not trivial to do.

Oh, and use current sources (flyback converters) to generate the HVDC not
voltage sources, then the load will be better distributed between the power

And as someone else said.  How was the electricity used to charge all the
batteries produced?  There is no such thing as zero emission energy, except
perhaps heat & light from the sun.

Trouble with that is it needs converting into a form we can use, and the
(production of the) hardware for that, itself has significant carbon and
CO2 footprints.

Sorry Bob.


Dave G0WBX.
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