[aprssig] Correct PSAT & igating

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Mon Jun 8 11:04:15 EDT 2015

Quoting "Kenneth Finnegan" <kennethfinnegan2007 at gmail.com>:

> What we're discussing here is trying to use the APRS-IS to analyze the
> RF performance of a single digipeater.
> The APRS-IS was not designed to give any insight into local RF
> performance. I'm not going to support any hacks on aprx to try and
> work around that fact.
> If you want to perform RF analysis, you need to publish your raw RF
> logs. For an example, see the Baldi digipeater page here:
> http://baldi-aprs.kd7lxl.hamwan.net/
> --

You have probably a similar discussion...

For a SGATE we are not discussing RF performance analyzis etc but the  
possibility for users to use i.e ISS to post a position via RF trough  

Using APRX as an IGATE is now posting "false positions" for a user as  
it insert them even if it was not digipeated by ISS.

This is misleading as users then seems to have been using a satellite  
but the real story is that the local igate just inserted it.

So for regular terrestrial APRS use i agree that this is not something  
APRX should do differently. But for satellites it's a bit different as  
"direct" positions are a false position and has gone directly to an  
IGATE and not via "space".

Kai Gunter

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