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> So, related to this topic, I had a separate thread w/ the APRX user   
> team and the APRX lead Ken Finnegan to explore if the current APRX   
> software allows for incoming RF level filter to filter only those   
> that have been digi'd by RS0ISS* call;  and then use those packets   
> for igating behavior.  However, APRX does not have that support by   
> design and is purpose built to disallow that feature (whether that's  
>  a feature or a misfeature is debatable).
> ++Ken
> N0AGI, Nagi
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> Subject: [aprssig] Correct PSAT & igating
> I'm running APRX to IGATE the ISS and PSAT etc
> My challange is that local users get IGATEd even if they have not   
> been digipeated by i.e ISS
> Should i somehow filter this out? If so how?
> Log:
> b`/]"4\}Erling,Bergen JP20QI=
> RS0ISS>CQ,qAR,LA3QMA-SG:>ARISS - International Space Station
> Kai Gunter

hmm ok i also want to gate traffic directly from i.e ISS but also only  
user traffic digipeated by i.e ISS as in RS0ISS* etc

A workaround could be to install APRSC locally and not connect to  
APRS-IS and then use an PERL script injecting only spesiffic packages  
to APRS-IS on a different public server.

I have a PERL script logging from APRSC to a database and this could  
probably easily be modified to an "SATGATE" script. But an APRX native  
function for "SATGATE" is probably less work and a more correct method.

Kai Gunter

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