[aprssig] PCSAT Challenge?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 7 23:26:07 EDT 2015

Anyone with time on their hands want a challenge to see if any of the other
3 uplinks and 9600 baud still works on PCSAT?  Most everyone only uses the
145.825 digipeater... but it has a lot more...

> A couple days ago...Bob promised me (FINDU) a complete list
> of unique strings to identify the current mode of PCSAT,
> the possible modes of PSAT and the future satellite
> he is currently trying to deliver.

While I am researching that... here is a challenge for PCSAT
affectionados... Its been 15 years, and PCSAT is still semi-operational, but
my FILES are not.  I have a big 3ring binder with lots of notes, but no
thing to prove which of the many configurations actually flew!   There were
many last minute emails exchanged with Kantronics on the final programming
of the TNC EPROMS on PCSAT, I cant tell what was FINAL or not?  (PCSAT is
just two KPC-9612's in a box with two downlink VHF transmitters, two 1200
baud VHF uplink receivers and two 9600 baud uplink receivers).

Most people don’t remember but PCSAT has FOUR uplinks and FOUR unique
callsigns!   The web pages shows  TBD's, http://aprs.org/pcsat/paths.jpg
But my notes suggest these:

W3ADO-1 uplink on 145.825, down on 145.825 default 1200 baud
W3ADO-2 uplink on 435.250 9600 baud, down on 145.825 9600 baud

PCSAT-11 uplink on 144.47 1200 baud, down on 144.39 1200 baud (this gets
picked up by igates in the USA)
PCSAT-12 uplink on 436.225.??? 9600 baud, down on 144.39 9600 baud

Plus it could crossbaud from 1200 or 9600 up to 1200 or 9600 down.  We never
really used those modes, but all you have to do is use the path VIA XBAUD
and it should work...

Remember PCSAT is so weak, thjat just one successful digipeated packet will
usually kill it for that pass, so encouraging testing will only assure that
no one will get through.  But it sure would be nice to know how many of
those other systems are still working!  We were just happy enough with the
12000 baud digipeater, that we never found a use for the other modes...


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