[aprssig] Sending a message direct to station by hand

KF4LVZ aprssigZbr6 at acarver.net
Sat Jul 4 21:39:17 EDT 2015

On 2015-07-04 18:38, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> On 7/4/2015 8:56 PM, KF4LVZ via aprssig wrote:
>> Ok, My Google-fu is failing right now.  What is the format for sending a
>> message from one RF station to another?  I'm trying to type one up by
>> hand (by choice) but I can't seem to find the format.
> What do you mean by "by hand"?    Are you using a dumb terminal
> connected to a TNC instead of an APRS client application?

Yes, exactly.

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