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I've got a couple spare Linksys WRT54G/L's with the right version numbers, waiting to be setup for Hamnet (when/if time allows). I don't have a rig in my car, but another neat possibility would be a Raspberry Pi or small laptop, on mesh wi-fi, attached to the rig. 

Comcast/Xfinity is beginning to roll out a pervasive network in certain areas around the nation -- using their customer's own electricity and cable modems with a second channel. So it's not even necessary to do a cellphone-internet tether in much of my area for Comcast customers. Of course, I had that turned off -- don't feel comfortable being a hotspot for the cable company or Joe User. 

Otherwise, even my no-contract Android phone has a tether option for about $5 more per month. This would turn it into an internet hotspot, which presumably you can lock down with a password. 

73, KD0KZE / Paul 

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Did I miss the answer to this question? 
Also can you use the D700/710 in Crossband repeat (to a UHF simplex ) rx 
in the house and then Igate it 


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What is the current best setup for Sat Gate mobile with D700 and D710 ? 

I know there is some outdated info out on the web. 

N3FLR - Frank 

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