[aprssig] weak signal ISS packet (APRStt)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 23 15:58:41 EST 2015

Its so nice to have Steve and I agreeing on something! <wink>  I guess its
our 20 more years of aging...

> We can't out-smartphone the smartphone.
>  We can't out-internet the Internet...
> ...something that moves ham radio forward..
> must be something for which no modern parallel exists.

About the only thing I fall back on is HF.  No one else has that and it
works peer-to-peer anywhere in the world... (for those that understand it
and wait for it to happen).  My only problem is that I can't even keep a
dipole up more than a few weeks before its on the ground and chopped up
with the lawnmower.

I 'm sure when I retire, that I will FINALLY  put some effort into an HF
antenna system...  and join all the old farts on the low bands.

But I got 2 more satellites at least to go first....
(and APRStt to get the other 90% of our club involved in APRS appliations
in the field with "data").

Bob, WB4aPR

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