[aprssig] making AGWPE work with an Icom IC-7100

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Jan 18 15:49:05 EST 2015

On 1/18/2015 3:32 PM, Andrew P. wrote:
> Drat. Neither CAT7200, or switching from AGWPE to UZ7HO solved the problem (had
> to switch because AGWPE wouldn't go high enough in COM port numbers to access
> the virtual port from CAT7200). I'm still getting good reception, but still
> can't key up the IC-7100 transmitter.
> Guess I need to fix my hardware TNC hookup instead.
> Andrew, KA2DDO

Actually not.....

Any PC soundcard / interface hookup connected to the 6-pin mini-DIN data port 
on the IC-7100 will do the job and do it better than any hardware TNC.

This could either be the computer's own sound system (or an external 
USB-connected sound card), coupled through a classic 
two-transformers-and-optoisolator "interface"  --OR-- an interface that 
includes it's own buit-in soundcard such as the TigerTronics Signalink or Mix 

The advantage of the Signalink approach is that it has internal VOX-activated 
transmit keying - no COM port PTT line of any kind from the computer, nor any 
of the infernal serial<-->USB dongles are required.   Plugging the Signalink 
into a USB port "automagically" makes a "Generic USB audio" device appear in 
the computer -- that's all.

A huge advantage of this VOX-type setup is that any number of soundcard apps 
can be run off the same sound card at the same time, without the contention 
problems of multiple apps trying to control the same COM port at the same time.

This is how I run my "APRN" combined APRS & SSTV scheme where the UZ7HO 
Soundmodem (for the APRS bursts), mmSSTV (for analog SSTV) and EasyPal (for 
"digital" SSTV) share the same soundcard at the same time.

And how I run both classic AX.25 packet APRS (via the UZ7HO Soundmodem) and the 
new APRS-over-PSK63/MFSK16 (via "APRS Messenger") at the same time on the same 
soundcard on the same radio on 30 meters.



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