[aprssig] U.S. citizens should be extra cautious traveling 12/20/14

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Just curious.  Has there been one documented case where a criminal used
aprs to assist their enterprise?
On Jan 4, 2015 9:01 AM, "WD8ARZ" <wd8arz at ix.netcom.com> wrote:

>  U.S. citizens should be extra cautious ..... snip snip .....
> Using APRS, I dont allow my exact coordinates to be transmitted, am always
> off my actual location to protect my privacy and my equipment. Going to
> dual carry on the upcoming mobile trip to TN to "Enhance my personal
> security".
> Information on the additional protection using APRS that I do is copied
> below.
> 73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
> WD8ARZ      - Base Station Using APRSIS32 with 'off set' coordinates
> WD8ARZ-7   - HT TH-D7AG
> WD8ARZ-9   - Mobile TM-D700AG
> WD8ARZ-10 - Android Smart Phone - APRSdroid  and U2APRS
> APRS Viewer on Android for displaying APRS stations only, no beacon /
> transmitting.
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> Good Morning, looks like a cold snowy few days shaping up
> back this way in North West Indiana.
> One of the concerns we have as hams, is not knowing whom might wish to
> take advantage of the information about us online and in the data we
> send over APRS.
> Obviously we dont want our home burglarized while we are out some where
> else while our APRS signals are reporting where we are, and home is not
> that location. As well, we dont want our vehicle burglarized of our
> equipment either.
> When using APRS I do my darnedest to not broadcast with in a couple
> miles of where I live or where I am visiting. I also turn off my APRS a
> mile or two before I make stops for gas, food etc. If I am going to be
> out of the vehicle for a while, I remove any antennas on the vehicle
> (all on quick disconnects including a heavy HiQ screw driver antenna),
> and remove all control panel heads from the dash area (all on velcro and
> main equipment installed out of side that those control heads operate).
> Fortunately I have found that my mobile radio that has APRS built in,
> and two APRS Android programs that I use, allow me to truncate a number
> of the last digits for longitude and latitude. That allows for general
> location to be useful, but not exact.
> To purchase items like software online, I use a single charge card that
> has a low level cap on it. Just a few hundred dollars. That is used for
> example on my Android phone for the apps I want. Every year or so, that
> card is changed. Am grateful for both Android phone applications I have
> purchased. Once I proved I was a ham just once, the code for my call
> sign then works on all APRS programs I put that call into. One time deal.
> Another step one can take to help keep strangers from locating your home
> address in the FCC records that so many other sites have access to and
> post to strangers, is to not have your home address in that online data.
> Latest edition of the FCC Form 205 Quick-Form Application for
> Authorization of Amateur Radio Services is at:http://transition.fcc.gov/Forms/Form605/605.html  Currently that form
> Edition Date is May 2013
> Notice that Line 15 asks for your address as a post office box address.
> Line 16 is the street address location.
> My last updating I did have information in both line 15 and 16. If you
> look at my call sign on QRZ, you will note that only my post office box
> number is listed, not my street address. On my license form, one side
> has the pob, the other side has the street address. As I read the
> current version of this form, the street address appears to be an option.
> In my case, I have neighbors and family in /round my home that keep an
> eye on things while I am not there. Additionally, an alarm system with
> multiple methods to report intrusion is used, and remotely monitored by
> friends and neighbors. Multiple video / audio camera's are installed out
> side and inside that are recorded 24 / 7 and also accessible remotely by
> several methods. Those camera's are also monitored by family, friends
> and neighbors. Those links are user / password restricted and available
> any where across the country. Thats why it is easy for back up sites at
> other locations to also be recording 24 / 7 ....
> Will this prevent problems one hundred percent? Of course not. But it
> has worked for me for several decades. Fortunately amendment 2 provides
> for other security methods as well, in the home and on my person. Both
> those options are equipped appropriately for the home and me (legally)
> as well.
> 73 from Bill - WD8ARZ Geiger Counter Mobile Station named NULL
> that uses GPS and APRS location data -http://www.radiationnetwork.com/
> WD8ARZ-7 <http://www.radiationnetwork.com/WD8ARZ-7> HT TH-D7AG - APRS
> WD8ARZ-9 Mobile TM-D700AG - APRS 100Hz pl - Monitoring 146.52
> WD8ARZ-10 Android Smart Phone - "APRSdroid" and "U2APRS" - APRS
> "APRS Viewer" on Android for displaying APRS stations only, no beacon /
> transmitting.
> Using Kenwood's SkyCommand mode to operate HF with my HT
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