[aprssig] Kenwood Queries

David Andrzejewski david at davidandrzejewski.com
Sun Dec 27 22:24:32 EST 2015

I'm playing with my TH-D72 and TM-D710GA and I'm sending them queries.  
I'm writing an article on this for my website.  The only ones I have 
been able to make work are the following:

?APRSM - Re-queues any pending messages.

?APRSP - Triggers immediate position beacon - this appears to work even 
if beaconing is disabled.

?APRSS - Triggers a status packet (with whatever status text you have - 
TH-D72: Menu 39, TM-D710: Menu 608)

?APRST - Returns the packet path over which the request was heard.

I noticed the radio will display "Q? <CALLSIGN>" when it receives one of 

Do the Kenwoods support any other queries?  It doesn't seem to be 
documented anywhere.

Also, they both use different SSIDs - so they're KD8TWG-7 and KD8TWG-9 - 
I've noticed that when I send a query to one of the SSIDs, they both 
respond.  Is this the correct behavior? Seems strange.

- Dave/KD8TWG

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