[aprssig] Army Nave game ball Tracing today

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 11 10:19:58 EST 2015

This year track USNA* to see the annual running of the A/N game football
from Annapolis to Phily.


USNA-1 will always be with the ball while -2,-3,-4 will be shuttling

The 8W Byonics MicrotrackTT4’s are set to use Proportional-Pathing so that
close in, (simplex/direct) they are updated at a known 1 minute rate making
rendezvous practical, while the first digi hop is only once every 2
minutes.  And then there is only a regional 2 hop packet once every 4
minutes.  This keeps channel loading down an order of magnitude while still
providing close in 1 minute special event tracking quality.

And, knowing the rate is always one minute direct, 2 minutes via one digi
and 4 minutes regional, makes it easy to know when packets are missing and
how best to anticipate the nice DeadReckoning header as displayed on APRS.FI

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