[aprssig] TLE Prediction based Radio Operator Tool

Nagi Punyamurthula n0agi at n0agi.com
Fri Aug 28 16:04:55 EDT 2015

Wanted to share a short video about a tool I am writing that allows me to turn the radio that works the ISS/PSAT/PCSAT satellite pass-through APRS operations.  App is in beta stage

When your busy time permits, kindly view and let me know any feedback, comments.  If you have suggestions for ideas to implement, please send them my way.  While I cannot promise, that I will be able to implement all features, I will try to accommodate as many pertinent features as I can.

if you're interested in testing this app, please let me know. I will eventually post the runtime bins to my blog.  But, happy to send you the bin files if you're interested in testing this beta ver

couple of feature adds I will be adding for the turning the radio On/Off:

1.       Provide an option for user to select whether to run an external app upon the "ON" and the "OFF" logic triggers

2.       Provide an option for user to select whether to generate an external text file in a particular FQ path.  For example, this can be used in the "beacon file" for the APRX software beacons

3.       Provide an option for user to select whether to email upon "ON" and "OFF" logic

The video is not as polished as I would like to be.  But, I hope that it gets the message across for this initial beta app.

Thanks much

73, N0AGI-Nagi
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