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We do have Apple users in our ranks. I'll keep an eye on this.


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> On 8/10/2015 1:11 PM, Dallas Clements via aprssig wrote:
>> Chuck,
>> Several options have been shared so far to help you with your bike race.
>> I've
>> used AvMap, WinBooks, Bluetooth TNCs, and soft TNCs. All have their
>> merits, but
>> if you're looking for something that will be less expensive to procure for
>> multiple assistance vehicles and rest stops, I'd recommend simply hooking
>> an
>> Android tablet or phone via audio cable to a HT. The app APRSDroid has a
>> connection protocol labeled "AFSK via Speaker/Mic" that will decode the
>> received packets heard on the radio and overlay them on a map on the
>> Android
>> device's screen. The option to use an Offline Street Map is there and
>> with the
>> device's built in GPS, you know where you are in relation to the objects
>> that
>> you're receiving.
>> Simple. Inexpensive.
> There is a similar app for Apple i-Gadgets.  Despite it's name "Pocket
> Packet", it's a full-blown APRS app with a mic/speaker soft TNC, messaging
> and TCP/IP igating. capabilities. It's main deficiency is that it depends
> on Google Maps online for the mapping display.  there is (at least for now)
> no provision for off-line maps cached locally.
> I am hoping that ultimately the author may integrate support for "Pocket
> Earth", another app which uses Open Street Maps in VECTOR form (i.e. fully
> zoomable and scalable).  You can download and store locally any part of the
> world.  The download dialog looks like a directory tree where you drill
> down by continent, then country, then state/province, major metro area
> etc.  I have ALL of the US and Canada at street level parked in about 1.7GB
> on my iPad and iPod Touch.
> i-Gadgets with cellular data have an actual built-in full hardware GPS
> (i.e. not dependent on cellular assisted GPS) that both Pocket Packet and
> Pocket Earth can use.   iPads and iPod touch devices WITHOUT cellular do
> NOT have a built-in GPS.  For these, I use the Dual GPS150 external
> Bluetooth GPS.   This GPS is a very versatile device that can be switched
> between Apple's proprietary GPS format for i-Gadgets, and standard NMEA for
> Windows devices.
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