[aprssig] Location-based Callsign on -IS?

David Andrzejewski david at davidandrzejewski.com
Thu Aug 6 21:14:00 EDT 2015

LOL! I guess by "illegal" I really meant "frowned upon by the powers 
that be of the APRS-IS."

I've gone ahead and changed things, we'll see how it works!


- Dave KD8TWG

Jason KG4WSV wrote:
>> On Aug 6, 2015, at 4:36 PM, David Andrzejewski via aprssig<aprssig at tapr.org>  wrote:
>>   Is it legal with the APRS-IS to use a location-based callsign? I would think not.
> Legal? Are you joking?  It's the Internet! Nothing is illegal.
> Only half kidding. The station itself can be tracked on the -IS just fine with the tactical call (assuming there's no duplicate call). If you're worried about good practice or identifying yourself, add your call to the comment field.
> -Jason
> kg4wsv

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