[aprssig] APRSDROID on Samsung Galaxy5 no AX25 Decode.

Steve Gladden steve at michiganbroadband.com
Mon Aug 3 13:27:41 EDT 2015

*Possible Duplicate*
I posted earlier before I realized I was not yet validated on the list..  :)

I'm brand new to the forum.
Am looking for help suggestions and next steps for my issue with APRSDROID on my Samsung Galaxy Android device.
The software has always ran fine and everything works via the Internet just fine on it.
However when trying to use AFSK on the audio ports TX works fine but it has never decoded a packet on the mic input.
I have good source audio (packets) coming in and I can see the software itself is getting good audio level (blue audio input indication) but packets never decode.
I'm pretty familiar with the  systems and have other hardware/software that works fine just to be clear that I am familiar with how this works and the basics.
And maybe to help you help me a bit.

Am looking for what can I try and next steps to trouble this.
Device has plenty of CPU power and is getting good audio in but is not decoding any packets.
Same audio source is of course decoding just fine on my other systems :)

I also sent an email to the author (AMRSDROID).


Steve Gladden

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