[aprssig] APRS Mobile 1.0 Released for iPhone/iPad

Gregory A. Carter gcarter at openaprs.net
Thu Sep 18 09:17:55 EDT 2014

Hi All,

With the release of iOS8 I have released a new APRS app into the Apple App
Store for both iPhone and iPad. I have received a large number of requests
over the years for an APRS app that connects to APRS-IS directly and I am
excited to announce that APRS Mobile does just that and is available in the
app store today.


- Beacon your position while app is in background
- Real time position mapping of other Amateur Radio stations around the
world with PHG circle plots, track lines and "Dead Reckoning"
- Supports SmartBeaconing
- Callsign SSID support
- Ability to change APRS icon
- Imperial, metric and nautical units supported
- High and low battery drain modes for background GPS/positioning
- Background beacon using minimal data
- Focus on APRS tactical data, no messaging
- View weather (WX) station data (graphs coming soon)
- Beacon prediction
- Packet statistics (packets sent, average time between packets, etc)
- Maximize map viewable area by briefly touching the map to hide/reveal
- iOS8 Support

Planned Features:

- RESTful mode with option to use several different APRS API's including
our 2015 release Mac App API
- Enhanced multiple station tracking
- WX scrolling graphs
- Animated movements of stations
- Object Creation
- Tactical callsign mapping
- Telemetry
- Your requested feature here....

There is no future plan to add messaging into this app, the focus is on the
tactical value of station reports, however we'll be releasing an APRS
messaging app in the next few months that focuses directly on messaging.
Keeping functionality separate makes releases far easier to address issues
and add additional functionality.

APRS Mobile may be viewed at :

I welcome feedback as in the next few weeks I'll be releasing a few
additional versions that take more advantage of some of the exciting new
functionality that iOS8 provides. I will also be slowly replacing all the
antiquated icons, creating a new public github repository for everyone to
freely contribute and share vector APRS icons and add any suggested

In 2015 Q1 I'll be releasing OpenAPRS for Mac which will be an APRS-IS
application with GPS/serial support, uses the same mapping engine as APRS
Mobile and will offer restful support for APRS Mobile which will allow
folks to run the mac app as the backend for a restful service for the iOS


OpenAPRS iPhone Edition
Find RC sites and weather in your area on iPhone/iPad with WhereBRC
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