[aprssig] odd siting in these here parts

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Sun Sep 14 15:45:10 EDT 2014

I've seen these sorts of messages before, and they seem to be due to buffer overruns in some station's receive code. I had horrible overrun issues when first writing an APRS client due to the highly inefficient API's in Microsoft Windows and then Java on top of it, where I actually lost sequences of characters between adjacent frames on a busy channel, such that the end of one frame and the beginning of the next was lost.

This shouldn't be an issue for I-gates, because TCP/IP networking can back-pressure over-fast senders; it's generally only a problem for RF receivers in poorly written clients on slow computers. Are there any really badly-written I-gates with buffer overrun problems (or I-gate clients who use non-blocking sockets to busy APRS-IS servers)?

Andrew, KA2DDO

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Steve K4HG wrote…

> It is not unusual to see merged packets like this on the APRS Internet System. This particular packet also appears on findU, so it is not a problem in aprs.fi

I should have looked there! Yes, if you are seeing it there too, the XASTIR Raspberry PI IGate must be responsible for mangling the packet.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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