[aprssig] Tracker available

Glenn Little glennmaillist at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 10 16:19:45 EDT 2014

I saw that the frequency can be reset.
What I meant was that the radio, out of the box, would not be on the 
APRS frequency.
That should eliminate a lot of unlicensed users that bought this to 
track their girlfriend.

What I see is a preconfigured tracker available to anyone with the 
money, no license required.
There is no mention of a license requirement, that I saw, in the ad.


At 02:50 PM 9/10/2014, you wrote:
>it appears that the frequency can be re-set in the config software...
>On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 1:54 PM, Glenn Little 
><<mailto:glennmaillist at bellsouth.net>glennmaillist at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>Has anyone seen or operated one of these?
>Fortunately the default frequency does not appear to be the APRS frequency.
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