[aprssig] Amazing resistors

Al Wolfe alw.k9si at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 18:53:11 EDT 2014

Bob et al,
    In my mis-spent youth I was involved with many projects that required a 
squib, that is, an electrical igniter  After a lot of trial and error we 
settled on some very thin steel wire. Basically, we found some picture 
hanging wire and discovered it was seven-stranded. Unwinding one of the 
strands gave us a single thin steel wire that was perfect for our projects. 
It would instantly explode with 120 volts applied and glow brightly at 12 
volts before oxidizing and disintegrating.

Al, k9si

> We have been running a 0.25 Watt small resistor at 3.5 Watts ALL DAY and
> it still wont burn out!

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