[aprssig] Digital two-way Radio communication in emergency situations

Gary Stern vk2zbb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 03:02:12 EDT 2014

I do know of a man down (security) application which actually uses SMS 

On 05-Sep-14 16:12, SARTrack Admin wrote:
> Hi all,
> As the CEO of SARTrack Limited, and developer of the SARTrack Search and
> Rescue software, I get occasionly approached by Emergency Services
> organisations who basically require a full two-way *radio* based
> tracking and communication system for teams in the field, in disaster
> situations where all other communication networks have failed or are out
> of range.
> SARTrack Limited did build type-approved (non Amateur Radio) based APRS
> Trackers and Digipeaters, but we no longer do this.
> While the SARTrack software can transmit Operation Logs and Objects over
> an APRS radio link, this is really not recommended, as the 1200 bps
> radio channel is simply not fast enough for that kind of work, and APRS
> is obviously not the right protocol for reliable two-way communication.
> My question is this:
> - What does currently exists in the area of affordable two-way, medium
> speed, digital radio equipment, which can be somehow connected to a user
> interface like maybe a smartphone or another device which enables
> display on a screen and entering data on a (digital) keyboard?
> I start to wonder if it would be possible to develop a 'commercial'
> package which would make it possible to send people out in the field, on
> foot or vehicle, carrying a VHF radio based system like this, and using
> (portable) Digipeaters for same system to setup links to a remote base.
>   There is clearly a market for this, as 'hi-speed' satellite based
> systems are incredible expensive and probably more in the militairy
> domain...
> The radio link speed would have to be at least 9600 bps, and it should
> preferably a full digital signal like PSK or QPSK or some other suitable
> digital modulation type.
> Any ideas and information welcome.
> Thanks
> Bart Kindt
> SARTrack Limited
> http://www.sartrack.co.nz/

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