[aprssig] SCR CQ's via APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 15 13:02:16 EDT 2014

For SCR, don’t forget that if you have an APRS radio or portable APRS
laptop, you can send out a global CQ SCR message from that radio or APRS
system and instantly have that CQ be delivered to any other CQ SCR aprs
station in the world.

This is a great backdoor CQ method to see who is on the air and to also see
who you can contact even if the bands are dead or over crowded.

The method is simple.  From your APRS radio, just send a message to CQSRVR
and include SQ SCR … at the start of the message.  This will be delivered
to every other APRS radio/station that has also sent a similar CQ SCR
message.  For example:


Message:  CQ SCR from Severn School, MD

And if the kids have PC’s nearby, they can go to APRS.FI and see your
location and your messages, both incoming and outgoing…  Also, they should
have no problem “texting” with the APRS radio once they have made contact.

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