[aprssig] Verbose APRS clients

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Oct 22 18:13:18 EDT 2014

Andrew KA2DDO wrote...

 > It seems I missed two APRS texting contacts during the Jamboree
 > On The Air last weekend because I was paying attention to the voice
 > radios and not to the (silent) APRS terminal. If it had made some
 > noise, I might have noticed the incoming contact...

UI-View32 has "new message alert" where it can play a wave file
when a message comes in. You can even record a custom wave file
for stations that you regularly receive messages from so it reads
out their (pre-recorded) callsign when you receive a message from
them. It is also capable of reading out the contents of incoming
messages if you install MS Agent. It also pops the message screen
up to the foreground.

It can also read out the callsign of every APRS beacon that you
receive, or just the call sign for new stations. This is done
with 26 wave files for the alphabet and of course dash and zero
to nine. These are in Roger G4IDE's voice (SK, author of UI-View)
or you can record your own wave files.

I hope this gives you some ideas that you might want to consider
adopting or adapting.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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