[aprssig] [APRS] APRS Turkey Voice Alert Day!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 27 01:54:32 EST 2014

P.S.  Do NOT use the” Voice Alert Menu” in the radio.  Wit that set you
cannot turn CTCSS off, or go to MUTE or go to raw channel without having to
go through all the menu’s again.  SO use the 3+ channels as the way to
control what the APRS speaker is doing.


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*Subject:* RE: [APRS] APRS Turkey Voice Alert Day!

Ø  What is this ‘voice alert’?

All APRS kenwoods can do it.

It simply means to turn UP the volume on your APRS band **and** silence the
noise  by setting CTCSS100.  This gives ALL the benefits of Voice Alert:

1)      Anyone can call you on 144.39 by voice using a PL of 100

2)      You are ALWAYS listening (always keep the volume up)

3)      But you hear –NO- packets because CTCSS 100 is set

4)      You are beaconing with CTCSS100 – An automated CQ every minute –

5)      Anyone else that comes within voice range will hear your PING and
can call you.

6)      Anyone else with Voice Alert that is in range of you, you can call
on 144.39 just by picking up the mic and selecting the APRS band.

This is like an automatic CQ on 52, but since all APRS mobiles are doing
it, you can easily make voice contacts.  But have a quite channel 99.99% of
the time.

See:  http://aprs.org/VoiceAlert3.html

You control what you hear on the APRS band by setting at least 3 memory
channels as shown in the white table at the top of aprs.org

Ch1 is RAW APRS for troubleshooting – 144.39 with no squelch (listen to

Ch2 normal APRS with voice alert – 144.39 CTCSS 100  (hear nothing unless

Ch3 is MUTED APRS with private alert – 144.39 CTCSS anything else (hear
NOTHING) (unless someone knows your secret CTCSS.

The idea is to NEVER turn down the volume of the APRS channel speaker so
that you are always available for a Voice Alert call.  But if you want to
silence even that (say when several Voice Alert Mo9biles are in range, then
simply change to channel 3.  But even there, your secret admirers can call
y ou if they know your CTCSS.


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I use APRS extensively on road trips, and leaving on one tomorrow.  What is
this ‘voice alert’?  Can my Kenwood TH-D72A do it?...I’ll bet my 710 can as
it has the voice module installed,……

Joe – W7RKN

*From:* APRS at yahoogroups.com [mailto:APRS at yahoogroups.com
<APRS at yahoogroups.com>]
*Subject:* [APRS] APRS Turkey Voice Alert Day!

Enjoy a great travel day with others on APRS Voice Alert.

Or see their FREQ in their beacons and give them a call.  Beats 52...


Posted by: Joe Wolfe <w7rkn.7 at gmail.com>

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