[aprssig] program for linix

AC kf4lvz at yahoo.com
Thu May 22 03:12:33 EDT 2014

There are various interface programs that can connect to an AX.25 port
and present some other interface acceptable to a program.  Additionally
there are ways of tunneling the AX.25 port across a network (such as
AXIP and AXUDP for direct tunneling but you could also potentially use
ssh).  There are other ways, too.  For a while I was using a setup where
the TNC was on one machine and Xastir was on another.   With the program
"socat" I provided access to the TNC across a network.

As far as data present on the various ports the AX.25 port does not
present as an APRS-IS feed.  It looks more like a KISS TNC but with some
extra parts.

Xastir's server port is something close to a "cooked" data stream.
Whatever comes from the TNC gets parsed, cleaned up, and then shipped
out the server port.  So it looks like a TNC in converse mode.  Anything
sent into the server port is echoed right back to the TNC unaltered
which means the data sent must be completely structured as a valid APRS
packet for anything to work.

On 2014-05-21 23:44, Ray Wells wrote:
> The xastir server port uses udp and tcp but I've never tried to "look"
> at it with anything other than xastir. One requires login but the other
> doesn't. Let Google be your friend. I'm not network savvy enough to
> comment on the ax25 stack looking like aprs-is.
> Ray vk2tv
> On 22/05/14 16:04, Max Harper wrote:
>> Does the server port only work with xastir or is it compatible with
>> other aprs programs such as UIView32. I wish there was a server port
>> built-in to the AX.25 stack in Linux that looked just like the
>> APRS-IS, then any computer on the network could use it.
>> Max KG4PID
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