[aprssig] LOCALINFO Freq Objects

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 27 18:31:37 EDT 2014

> So HOW DO you reconcile this with the fact that, in the vast open
> thinly-populated expanses of the US and Canadian great plains and
> prairies, the voice repeater will probably have 2-3 times the range of
> the co-located digipeater if you don't let surrounding digis also
> announce it.

Digipeaters announce information that pertains to THEIR OWN RF footprint
(this is independent of the voice repeaters coverage).

If the best recommended voice repeater can be used in the area of
DIGIpeater X, then Digipeater X should send that Frequency Object out
direct into its own coverage area and its WON users.  It has NO OTHER
responsibility.  In fact, it is not appreciated for information that is
germane in one area (DIGI X's coverage area and users) to be appearing in
some other DIGI's footprint where it is simply unwanted SPAM.

If a frequency object (or any other object) is digipeated, even once, then
it is no longer zero impact on the network (transmitted on a clear
channel) but is going into areas where it could not hear or detect a clear
channel and so it is burdening the reliability of all other packets.

Again, Local permanent Frequency objects should be sourced at the digi
and DIRECT only (no impact on network throughput since the channel was
clear).  Any hops or sourcing from non-high-altitude digis has a
measureable impact on the reliability of the network since no other source
but the digi can hear-all and know the channel is clear before

For the case-in-point, If users in the footprint of the surrounding digis
can also use this wide coeverage Voice repeater, then it is up to the
owner of EACH of those digis to decide if that is also his best
recommendation for HIS users in HIS area.  It it is, then he should add
the same freq object in his digi (Direct only) too.

Keep local info local.  Transmit it DIRECT from digis, and there is NO
LOAD on the network.

See http://aprs.org/localinfo.html


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