[aprssig] local IRLP and EchoLink objects

Robert German bob at rgerman.net
Sat Mar 22 13:15:59 EDT 2014

I am running a Micro-Node for both IRLP and EL and depending on the mode you
are in it changes the icon. My icon is exactly at the coordinates set up in
IRLP however my Winlink icon is at a random location within my Maidenhead
grid sector - I guess the rationale behind this is so that the bad guy's
cannot find you.

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Subject: [aprssig] local IRLP and EchoLink objects

I have an IRLP node with uses the aprs_status script to update APRS-IS with
the node's status.

I've now added EchoLink capability to it. Should I be putting a ECHOnnnnnn
object atop the IRLP one, or what.

Also, the spec suggests using 1 mile position ambiguity. What is the
reasoning behind that?

Just trying to do The Right Thing here.

Thanks and 73,

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