[aprssig] Another Clueless Balloonist On The Rampage With A TinyTrack...

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Mar 16 11:04:35 EDT 2014

I awoke this morning to hear the WIDE1-1 digipeater in my APRS igate/webserver 
setup keying up every 10-15 seconds constantly.

There are TWO balloons running a WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 path every 10 seconds at 
30,000', about 20 miles west of Detroit.

o   They are hitting:

o   CHLSEA (VERY wide area digi about 10 mi west of Ann Arbor, MI) on the first 
hop, and my digi on the second.

o   And my station directly, with the local Lansing area wide as the second hop.

o   And the local Lansing-area wide on the first hop.

o   And at least two other digis directly and/or via second hops, within 40 
miles that I can hear off the air from here.

The result is almost 100% occupancy of 144.39 non-stop, as monitored 
off-the-air, in the Lansing/East Lansing area.    (And I assume most of the 
rest of Michigan, northern Ohio, northern Indiana and southwest Ontario.)

A clear demonstration, if there ever was one, of why one should NEVER NEVER 
NEVER use WIDE1-1 in the path of an airborne trackcer

This log is monitored off the air with my TH-D7 listening to my 
digipeater/igate in Haslett, MI (about 5 mi north-east of East Lansing, MI)

2014-03-16 14:44:51 START UTC
2014-03-16 14:45:01 KF6RFX-2>APT312,WA8LMF-10*,WIDE2-1 <UI>:
/144455h4200.38N/08411.05WO000/000/A=037966/UMich Testing
2014-03-16 14:45:12 KF6RFX-2>APT312,WA8LMF-10*,WIDE2-1 <UI>:
/144509h4200.46N/08410.61WO000/000/A=038134/UMich Testing
2014-03-16 14:45:24 KF6RFX-3>TRPP5Q,WA8LMF-10*,WIDE2-1 <UI R>:
2014-03-16 14:45:30 KF6RFX-2>APT312,WA8LMF-10*,WIDE2-1 <UI>:
/144524h4200.54N/08410.18WO000/000/A=038294/UMich Testing
2014-03-16 14:45:42 KF6RFX-2>APT312,WA8LMF-10*,WIDE2-1 <UI>:
/144539h4200.61N/08409.72WO000/000/A=038488/UMich Testing
2014-03-16 14:46:01 KF6RFX-2>APT312,WA8LMF-10*,WIDE2-1 <UI>:
/144555h4200.68N/08409.26WO000/000/A=038672/UMich Testing



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