[aprssig] 9k6 Packet SDR

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Thu Mar 13 17:13:03 EDT 2014

On 14/03/14 05:07, Bill Vodall wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 6:00 AM, John Langner WB2OSZ <wb2osz at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Dire Wolf version 1.0 has two types of "software audio cables" for use with
>> gqrx and rtl_fm.
> Still thinking about how cool this is going to be - decoding 9600
> packet at a wide range of frequencies with the HDTV dongle SDR.   Hope
> to get to try it soon.
> A couple more ideas...
> * It will probably possible to create a CD or file image of raw data
> (audio) captured off the air.    Does anything like this currently
> exist for testing?   A stock sound card setup probably won't work as
> it doesn't have the bandwidth and discriminator audio.   Capturing
> from the RT dongle should work???
> * The next step - if we can decode 9600 packet from a dongle - why not
> 19200?   The Kantronics data radios would generate that.   Why not
> 56K?   More?   What is the bandwidth limit of the dongle receivers?
> Since they're for TV I'd image it's 6 MHz...
> Bill, WA7NWP


Let me feed your enthusiasm.

The humble DTV dongle is being used successfully for aircraft ADSB 
reception (at 1090MHz) where the data rate is 1MB/s. SDR-RTL on a 
Raspberry Pi can do the decoding. The data is recordable for 
post-incident analysis. Take a look here for further inspiration - 

Ray vk2tv

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