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Mon Mar 10 14:12:04 EDT 2014

On 11-03-2014 05:17, Gregory A. Carter wrote:
 > Add forced upgrade for these types of problems.
 > If it has internet then the app can check a remote config to determine
 > if there is a new version available and force the user to upgrade it.
 > Greg

Automatic Updates: My SARTrack program check for updates on startup, 
using a sepparate update program. Asks the user, then one click and 
automatic ftp update is in progress (for a range of files, including the 
update program itself). Restart of the program will update all.
Because it is still in Beta, the program will _expire_ after 3 months, 
and won't run anymore, this forces people to update regardless.

Re flooding, I added AIS decoding a short while ago, with capability to 
forward to Internet. These AIS vessels really pump out the position 
reports at a huge rate.

I am right now in the progress of rate-limiting the forwarding of AIS 
packets to not more than 1 per 60 seconds per station, to ease the load 
on the APRS servers. That is easy enough.

I do agree with some other posters that a rate-limiting system on the 
APRS-IS servers could be incorporated for massive floods like this.



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