[aprssig] Yet Another Clueless Balloon Launch

Mike Goldweber mike at mikegoldweber.name
Fri Jun 27 17:07:51 EDT 2014

My thinking is along the lines of Al's. There have been several discussions that I've seen on this mailing list where someone asks a question about the meaning of Wide-1/Wide-2 and its affect on the propagation of data. Outside of hardcore APRS circles, there doesn't seem to be the same level of understanding as this group has. Frankly, I don't think I understand it properly. I haven't been caught yet, because I haven't needed to transmit APRS data as these rogue balloonist have.
If many people are not using the settings properly, there are two reason that quickly come to mind:
1. It may be too complex, or
2. It isn't documented well.
As the individual how is working on his thesis has pointed out, there isn't a one-stop definitive stop for APRS version 1.1 standards...Sorry for forgetting your name...Further, when he asked for an explanation, he got many answers and some of them were really long explanations.  I can assure you, the folks in my ARES group, who are just struggling to get some basic digital radio access working, aren't going to go to the trouble to thoroughly understand it to the same extent this group does. I suspect we aren't the only one either.
Perhaps in a future version of the standard a simpler way can be found to set up the controls for how data is propagated?
Just my two cents,
Mike Goldweber
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You all seem to be missing the point. Steve has pointed out another clueless 
 balloon operator, Adler, and yet people jump on Steve. Adler has been using 
 this abusive path for years. Maybe someone with some influence and stature 
 can convince Adler to change their path to something less intrusive.
 Al, k9si
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