[aprssig] Kenwood D710 & Yaesu FTM-350AR Compatible Frrequency Objects

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Jun 25 17:09:54 EDT 2014

Dave KD8TWG wrote...

 > What is the correct syntax for 70cm frequencies, e.g. 444.8125?
 > Would it be:
 > 444.8125 *111111z4136.06N/08114.22Wr444.812MHz T131 +500
 > or:
 > 444.8125 *111111z4136.06N/08114.22Wr444.8125MHz T131 +500
 > Note in the comment field, the first example only has three
 > digits after the decimal and the second has all four.

I tried 444.8125MHz T131 +500 and the FTM-400D would not QSY. However, 
shortened to 444.812MHz T131 +500 it would QSY and took me to 444.8125 
MHz with the correct tone and offset.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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